Kedaireka Pharmacy Study Program FMIPA Udayana University held an audience in the framework of the Tri Dharma College Cooperation with the Bangli Regency Government

October 12, 2021, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University held a hearing in the framework of the Tri Dharma College Cooperation with the Bangli Regency Government and was received directly by the Bangli Regent Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta, SE, Bappeda, the head of the Bangli Regency Development Acceleration Team and staff on Tuesday 12 October 2021. Attended the event this hearing Mrs. Dean of FMIPA Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, PhD and Mr. WD1, the Kedaireka Team led by the Coorporate of Pharmacy Study Program : apt. Dewa Ayu Swastini, S.F, M.Farm, and the team: apt, Dr. Eka Indra Setyawan, S.Farm., M.Sc., Dr. I Gusti Putu Bagus Sasrawan Mananda, S.ST.Par., MM, M.Par, and Agus Muliantara, S.Kom, M.Kom, accompanied by researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM Dr.ret.nat Ronny Martien, M.Si.

On this occasion the Dean of FMIPA Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, PhD., scheduled three initial activities for the initiation of collaboration, including the fostered village to be developed as a nanotechnology village, the production of wellness spa products in collaboration with the Bangli local Traditional Medicine industry and promoting loloh as an icon of Bangli in particular and Bali in general.

As revealed by the Dean of FMIPA Dra Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D that the research results produced by Udayana University have the potential to be downstream. FMIPA sees that Bangli Regency has a very high potential to be a partner in the downstreaming of both research and service results.

In the presentation the team represented by apt. Dr. Eka Indra Setyawan, S.Farm., M.Sc., said that Bangli Regency is rich in potential for agriculture, animal husbandry, and the tourism sector. However, this potential has not been maximally developed, FMIPA through technology transfer is expected to help the problems that exist in the field so that the existing potential can be developed optimally as an effort to improve the welfare of the community. Development will be carried out from downstream to upstream based on integrated local wisdom.

On this occasion, the Regent of Bangli really appreciated what was conveyed by UNUD. He stated that “Bangli Regency needs acceleration, and any commitment that technological advances will be followed for the sake of improving the welfare of the Bangli people.

The event ended with a group photo as the first step in the commitment to Cooperation between Udayana University and Bangli Regency in the development of Tiga Subdistrict, Susted Village, Bangli Regency as a Nano Technology Village.